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Cristián Garrido

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Our firm, aware of business developments and regulations, as well as the threats and opportunities they entail, has designed services to assist and support organizations to deal with the risks of these changes that may affect the archivement of their goals.

Acender has a multidisciplinary group of professionals, highly qualified and supported by international proven approaches and methodologies, allowing projects to be conducted in a consistent way and in line.

We assume full or partial responsibility for carrying out the activities of the internal audit function. We support the audit plans implementation, integrally or specifically addressing:

Audit to business processes and Support
Audit to Information Systems
Audit to contracts
Monitoring compliance to remediation plans
Implementation of upon agreed procedures

We assist organizations define corporate risk framework, as well as implement Risk Management models. Top management should create a culture of risk management based on its own leadership. Risks are dynamic and therefore, must be monitored permanently.

We assist internal audit function evaluation which includes an approach that integrates level, position, skills and methodology, all alligned with the objetives of the organization. This approach allows evaluate the maturity level of the internal audit function and identify existing gaps to resolve, in order to achieve the desired level.

Our service evaluates the structure of governance in the context of business environment and risks, focusing on best practices and principles of governance, monitoring, evaluation and administration of this strategic process.

We advise on the process of compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act, by:

Providing consulting in the framework of internal controls
Documentation of internal controls over financial reporting
Assessment of business risks
Tests of controls over financial reporting (design and operating effectiveness).

Our advice includes:

IT Security Assessments (external and internal ethical hacking and ISO GAP determining)
IT Security Master Plans

Our related services include:

Assessment, design and implementation of solutions for Business Continuity Management (BCM)
Assessing Business Impact (BIA), Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DRP)

These services are focused at processes and procedures to mitigate risks, development and management of consistent policies, processes and organizational structures, monitoring, auditing and compliance user reporting access to resources within the organization based on defined policies.

We adapt our methodologies to a wide range of services, among which:

Access to critical transactions
Segregation of duties
Configurable Controls

We provide audit services with regard to this standard that help organizations comply with regulations or want to get benefits from this type of report.

Our data analysis services provide assistance to organizations in data management and quality assurance, as well as independent verification of data processing according to defined business regulations.

Teamhips and Memberships

Partner of Qualys

Qualys is an American provider of data security storage on external servers and compliance solutions.

Symantec Partner

Symantec is a global company that provides security software for the different clients´ needs.

Partner Bahen

A company specialized in quantitative methods and actuarial valuation services under IFRS
(IAS 19, 26 and 37).

Partner BBTec

Chilean enterprise representative of international firms as PENTANA SYSTEMS AND CASEWARE INC.  which  provides latest technology solutions of information and world class;  with the objective  of contributing to companies in the areas associated to the performance of business processes, internal control systems, corporate governance  and internal audit processes.