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Our Outsourcing services are aimed at assessing our clients in financial auditing, sustainability, standards compliance, accounting, financial reports, tax accounting, management reports and conversion of financial statements into international formats, among others.

Our commitment is to assist family business in managing their assets, or through mutual funds, as individuals. Under this heading, there are several developed processes related to accounting implementation system, design charts of accounts, reporting formats, recording of transactions accounting, delivery of management reports, results and profitability. We have various methodologies for processing and recording customer information, which, can be developed in the field or at our facilities, based on the needs of confidentiality and security, following the highest quality standards.

We provide professional accounting services, back office, representation and legal address, planning and Tax compliance to foreign companies wanting to develop business in Chile.

We are responsible for registering in their accounting systems and ours: commercial, financial, operational and administrative operations, such as development and management of collections, payments and banking transactions, generating data information necessary to the business management in the country and online for their Head Office. We adapt ourselves to the needs of each client with specific information requests, preparing and reporting different types of documents and oriented to monitoring the Company operations in the country.

We understand companies’ issues and people requiring special treatment and confidentiality in planning and execution of their earnings, determination and payment of pension taxation, maintaining records and continuous study of legal standards, optimizing tax and social security aspects, in order to minimize or eliminate contingencies that may arise in these matters.

With our staff assistance, we support our clients in developing internal activities, such as accounting process, payments, collections etc.

Professionals assigned to these projects are selected according to each client needs. The activities are conducted on the client's premises and periodically monitored by managers in charge.

While the service is focused on leasing technical staff as a result of our participation in each client´s process;we propose improvements to systems through formal communications.

Our Firm provides representation services in Chile through its Team and Directors, assisting foreign clients willing to establish themselves in Chile.

Currently, we have a significant number of foreign clients from England, Spain and others.

Our Firm takes responsibility and commitment to the operation of payable accounts and receivable accounts processes, which with the back office assistance and data processing, allows your company an exclusive focus on its key areas of business, leaving the management responsibility in the hands of our professionals.

In order to assist our clients in implementing IFRS, our firm and its professionals, experts in various industries, have adapted to the new regulatory requirements with the objective of providing a consultancy at the highest level and meet the needs arising from the implementation of a process of convergence to IFRS, including: Analysis and Impact Assessment; Design convergence project plan and implementation.