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Cristián Garrido

Lead Partner, Technology Consulting


Phone N°+(56-2) 2594 0404

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José Taba

Lead Partner, Risk Consulting


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Technology Consulting

Recognize new business environment means reformulating every aspect of how organizations operate. Aware of this fact, our Firm is committed to providing professional consulting to increase our clients' value business.

Our group of talented and highly skilled professionals is our greatest strength. We have added a multidisciplinary approach to design Technology Consulting services.

  • IT Strategy
  • Aligning IT with business objectives
  • IT spending Analysis
  • Consulting on maturity assessment IT best practice (IT Service Management Framework) and COBIT (IT Governance Framework)
  • IT Due Diligence (buyer, seller and post-deal)
  • Consulting in the selection of suppliers and technology solutions
  • Consulting in the evaluation and monitoring of projects
  • Project Office Management
  • Quality control in project management
  • IT Strategy and IT service models (external, internal, offshoring)
  • Development of business cases and support in defining service level agreements
  • Tracking and monitoring compliance with expected benefits
  • Licensing strategy
  • Licensing cost optimization

Teamhips and Memberships

Partner of Qualys

Qualys is an American provider of data security storage on external servers and compliance solutions.

Symantec Partner

Symantec is a global company that provides security software for the different clients´ needs.

Partner Bahen

A company specialized in quantitative methods and actuarial valuation services under IFRS
(IAS 19, 26 and 37).

Partner BBTec

Chilean enterprise representative of international firms as PENTANA SYSTEMS AND CASEWARE INC.  which  provides latest technology solutions of information and world class;  with the objective  of contributing to companies in the areas associated to the performance of business processes, internal control systems, corporate governance  and internal audit processes.