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Acender Consultans main objective is to advise its clients on how to obtain maximum benefits on tax retuns on, taking advantages of incentives and benefits available under the law avoiding risk and contingencies.

We deliver to our clients the best consulting performed by a professional team with solid expertise in taxation, monthly and annual reviews of individual tax returns.

To take a company´ s control or acquire rights or actions to obtain or complete significant influenuce on a business, requires a clear view of all relevant aspects involved in the operation. Our Firm assists in providing tax and legal contingencies to the projected business.

We assist our clients in the process of buying and selling companies in Chile and in covering tax aspects that arise while structuring these transactions. Our ultimate goal is to help our client archieve the structure that best takes advantage of tax attributes their purchase or sale and also maximize their after-tax flows.

Our consulting services bring assistance in the complex audit process to businesses, as well as in the data volume increase and required validations.

Right tax calculation is just as important as tax laws and franchises that facilitate their operation.

We offer our clients comprehensive consulting matters regarding transfer pricing subject to the principle of Arm's Length Principle, so their interests, operating conditions and market requirements are sufficiently protected.

We develop for our clients a global tax planning, interacting with experts from around the world. Our Team and Directors well known international and national prestige, and a deep knowledge of local market allow our Firm to provide the most accurate international taxation service.