Santiago Angels

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Santiago Angels is an organization focused ON achieving high profitability from the investments made by members of Acender Consultants network. It is also committed to the success of innovative entrepreneurships that reach high quality standards and are part of its investment portfolio.


Acender Consultants looks for dynamic entrepreneurships in the early stages of development in: Mining, Infrastructure, Energy, Biotechnology, Food Industry, Information Technology, communications and Tourism.

However, we keep an open mind and are willing to consider companies oriented to other industries as long they have elements with diferentiation value and attractive growing potential.

Santiago Angels investments range fromUS$ 25.000 y los US$ 500.000.

The enterprises that enter our portfolio of opportunities receive specialized consulting to successfully face the difficulties of the investment process. This implies an important effort from the entrepreneurial team but it generates as a result, a clear assessment of your business potential.

  • Training in assessment, selection and investment in high potential companies.
  • Consulting in the negotiation process.
  • Design of investment strategy.
  • Management and development of investment portfolio.
  • Due Diligence Buyer.
  • Design of exit strategy.
  • Assessment of market potential. Guidance on the model design / business plan.
  • Guidance in the preparation of the company’s “elevator pitch”.
  • Due Diligence seller.
  • Consulting in the negotiation process. Business valuation
  • Search for investors with experience in the Investment matching industry.